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Following Real-World ASP.NET MVC Projects

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The Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework second technology preview was released during MIX08 in March but has since released an update to their source code on April 16.  This means there are many things going on with those involved in the project at Microsoft as well as those in the community.  People are not creating just sample code but creating real applications now.

Developers can take these applications, some a work in progress, and learn from them or use them to create their own applications.

MVC StoreFront

Rob Conery has been documenting the design and creation of a storefront using the MVC Framework along with Agile coding practices such as test-driven development and common patterns such as the Repository Pattern.   Rob has a lot of expertise in this area as he was the original developer of the ASP.NET 2.0 Commerce Starter Kit which was later renamed as dashCommerce.

The MVC Storefront is an ongoing series, taking the reader through the design and development of a full-fledged ASP.NET MVC application.  Each part of the series includes a description of the intent of the particular part as well as a great video demonstrating the code behind it.

The source code for the up-to-date project can be found at CodePlex.

Blogging Engine

Keyvan Nayyeri has a multi-part series on building a Blog Engine with ASP.NET MVC.  Blog Engine creation seems to be a popular way for people to demonstrate technology and it does it effectively.  Most developers relate well to blogs. 

Kigg - The Digg Clone

This Digg clone is a very good implementation and use of the MVC Framework.  The application is live as part of the Dotnetslackers web site.  The tutorial focuses on some very important aspects of the .NET developer's life:

  • Regular Web Forms for View.
  • LINQ to SQL for developing the Model.
  • ASP.NET Ajax for Ajax operation.
  • Both VSTest and NUnit for Unit Test.
  • Rhino Mock.
The source code for the up-to-date project can be found at CodePlex.

Other projects exemplifying what the ASP.NET MVC are starting up all the time.  Please stayed tuned to the InfoQ web site for details on future projects as well as updates to the ones mentioned here.

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