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InfoQ Homepage News Google App Engine public load test today

Google App Engine public load test today

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Today, in about an hour (4 PM GMT+2), there is a public load test on the Google App Toolkit at

Didier Girard, an expert on Google Web Toolkit and Rich Internet Applications, has built a plain vanilla GWT app hosted on the Google App Engine infrastructure. And he is confident it can take a quite high load.

I have built it with no special optimization. I mean that I try to avoid classical bottlenecks, but I have coded it like most developers will code it. I’m pretty confident that the Google App Engine can welcome a large traffic. I think also that GWT is particularly suited for high traffic. Now, it is time to prove it.

In about an hour from now, he want’s a few thousand visitors.

My objective is simply to get 4000 unique visitors in 10’. I think it is equivalent to get 100000 unique visitors a day : 100000 / 4 hours / 6 . This is not that much, but I think it is enough to show that 99.9% of websites can be coded in GWT and hosted on GAE without thinking about the slashdot effect. If you want to be part of the team, just go there “” on Friday May, 23 around “4 PM GMT+2” (depending of your time zone). If you want to help me in this effort, just spread the word.

So let’s find out if Google Web Toolkit on Google App Engine can handle the InfoQ effect.

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