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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Intentional Software

Presentation: Intentional Software


Business users doing programming? Charles Simonyi, Intentional Software and Henk Kolk, Capgemini presents how Intentional Software offers a radical new software approach that separates business knowledge from software engineering knowledge. This simplifies the creation process for software as business experts directly contribute using their customary domain description which results in accelerated innovation. Business experts can be more innovative and responsive to the changes in the domain.

As an application of this new approach, Capgemini is building a new Pension Workbench that allows pension experts to express their business domain knowledge using a Pension Domain Language that follows very closely their customary format and specialized nomenclature.

The corresponding Pension software implementation are generated from Generators built by programmers. Freed from the need to encode every business requirement or change the programmers concentrate on the job they do the best, creating a clean, reusable and reliable program. Innovation is accelerated as everyone in the team has the effective means of expressing their intentions.

See the presentation of how it was done at

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  • Issue with video

    by E Groff,

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    The video fails halfway through and skips back to the beginning. I would love to see the entire content!

  • Re: Issue with video

    by Floyd Marinescu,

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    E, I can't replicate this problem. I can scroll to any point in the video and it plays fine. Try forwarding the video time index to just after it seems to stop for you?

  • Incredibly irritating breathing, yawning, and whispering, what's going on?

    by Li-fan Chen,

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    The recording picked up a lot of auxiliary sounds from perhaps mostly disinterested staffing?/on-lookers? half way through the video. The noise they make really take away from the video. Can someone please recut the video to get rid of those annoying audio channels?

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