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InfoQ Homepage News JavaOne 2008 Day 1 - JavaFX, OSGi, and Android Smoke and Mirrors

JavaOne 2008 Day 1 - JavaFX, OSGi, and Android Smoke and Mirrors

JavaOne kicked off Tuesday in San Francisco with a keynote largely centered on JavaFX. From the press release the roll out schedule for JavaFX is shaping up as follows:
  • July - JavaFX Desktop SDK Early Access
  • Fall - JavaFX Desktop 1.0
  • Spring 2009 - JavaFX Mobile and JavaFX TV

The keynote also featured demos related HD video which Sun's Bob Brewin announced later in the day will be provided be licensing the On2 codec. Perhaps the most interesting demo was a JavaFX application running on an Android emulator. Android does not support JavaME and Sun has not announced support for Android. Later that morning Sun released a statement clarifying the application demonstration:

...during Rich Green's JavaOne keynote, Sun showed a demo of JavaFX running on the Android emulator that was created by the community. The purpose of this demo was to show the portability of JavaFX to other platforms. This is not a product announcement and Sun has no plans around Android at this time...

OSGi also made an appearance ... albeit in a stealth manner with the keynote disclosure of the new Glassfish micro-kernel being 98k in size. As previously announced the HK2 kernel seems to be have been replaced with OSGi. In a likely related move bloggers are reporting that the "Java 7 Module System (JSR-277) will support both - its own format IAM - as well as OSGi".

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