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SCA and JBI, Best of Both Worlds?

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At JavaOne 2008 conference, Jos Dirksen and Tijs Rademakers did a presentation on using Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Java Business Integration (JBI) frameworks together to get the best of both worlds. SCA defines a service-based model for construction, assembly and deployment of network of services to distributed runtime environments. JBI specification provides a standard for integrating the application components and orchestrating the services. Using a sample "JavaOne Event Session SCA service" application, Jos and Tijs demonstrated on how to deploy an SCA application as a Service Unit (SU) on a JBI container. The sample application used SCA components written in Java, Spring configuration, and JavaScript and expose the service components to an Apache Tuscany server.

In another SCA related session, Mike Edwards gave an overview of SCA architecture model. He talked about key benefits of SCA, four elements of SCA design and implementation (Assembly, Client and Implementation Specification, Binding and Policy Framework), and SCA composition scenarios (Top-down and Bottom-up composition). He also talked about the abstract policy declaration option for defining the security policies in the enterprise and associate the policies with SCA components using annotations like @Confidentiality and @Integrity.

SCA model promotes separation of concerns so the developers can focus on the business logic when writing the components and use SCA bindings to implement the infrastructure concerns like transactions, security etc. These SCA bindings can be managed at a fine-grained level (method, protocol or transport level). Mike said that SCA is gaining the industry support with projects like Apache Tuscany, Eclipse SOA Tools Project, and vendor implementations from IBM WebSphere, Oracle Fabric, BEA, Roguewave and TIBCO.

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