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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Tapestry for Nonbelievers

Article: Tapestry for Nonbelievers

A new article by I. Drobiazko and R. Zubairov introduces v. 5 of the Apache Tapestry component-oriented web framework. The tutorial shows how to create a component and covers IoC in Tapestry and Ajax:

Why should one consider to use Tapestry? Some of the reasons are:
  • It's end-user friendly. Tapestry is designed with the security and scalability requirements in mind. Ajax, input validation, internationalization and exception reporting are built in.
  • It's developer friendly. Tapestry boosts the developer's productivity with unique class-reloading feature. With Tapestry you change the source code and see the results immediately. No redeploy, no restart are required! Exception reporting is very detailed and even contains suggestions.
  • It's web-designers friendly. Tapesry pages are valid (X)HTML! You can just open them with your favorite browser!
  • It encapsulates best practices: RESTful URLs, degradable JavaScript, XML-less configuration
  • It integrates with Hibernate, Spring, Seam, Acegi, etc.

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