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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Rachel Davies on Generic Agile

Interview: Rachel Davies on Generic Agile


In this interview taken by Deborah Hartmann during Agile 2007, Rachel Davies, director of Agile Alliance, talks about Generic Agile, about the necessity to understand what is important in a development process, rather than sticking with a strict Agile method.

Rachel says she has met many teams which a using a mixture of practices from different Agile methods. They are taking something from Scrum, something from XP, or DSDM. Some are interested in knowing what practices should be followed exactly for success. Rachel affirms that it is not so important to follow an Agile method ad litteram, but to discover what is absolutely necessary for the development process, what is not working, and introduce a practice to fix that area.

The entire interview is 16 minutes.

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  • Effective Practices

    by Machiel Groeneveld,

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    I was thinking the same thing this week! Especially the books like Organisational Patterns and Manage IT are great resources and give you a handle to apply practices that fix the biggest problems and create the big leverage.

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