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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint Released

Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint Released

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SharePoint is rapidly becoming the default CMS platform for companies building internal website using Microsoft technologies. SharePoint, though loaded with features out of the box, is often heavily customized using ASP.NET. In order to facilitate that, Microsoft has recently released several resources for both new and experienced SharePoint developers.

In order to make SharePoint projects easier to start, Microsoft has created Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint. The VS 2005 edition was released in February and the 2008 edition just a few days ago. The User Guide, Samples, and Walkthroughs for the VS 2005 edition (version 1.1) are currently available. The documentation for the VS 2008 edition (version 1.2) is expected later this month.

Microsoft has also launched a new SharePoint site dedicated to bringing developers up to speed with the relevant technologies. The site is still under construction with a lot of interesting topics listed as stubs without much content. When complete it appears that each topic will include a virtual lab, webcast, screencast, quickstart guide, whitepaper, and downloadable hands-on lab.

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