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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Domain Specific Languages in Erlang

Article: Domain Specific Languages in Erlang

Erlang is mostly known for reliability and for its concurrency and scalability concepts. But did you know that Erlang is a language well suited for writing DSLs?

In this article, Dennis Byrne guides you through a case study of creating a internal Domain Specific Language in the Erlang language.

From the article:

People are talking about Erlang. This talk is disproportionately about concurrency rather than any of the other powerful properties of the platform, such as reliability. This article is about a property of Erlang which does not get the credit it deserves - Erlang is a fantastic workbench for Domain Specific Languages. The domain I have chosen is investment finance. You will see how easy it is to translate plain English at runtime and execute it in the Erlang Runtime System. You may also learn a thing or two about functional programming.

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