Presentation: Erlang - software for a concurrent world

| by Niclas Nilsson Follow 0 Followers on Jun 07, 2008. Estimated reading time: less than one minute |

We get more and more cores in our CPUs, but does our software run linearly faster, or even close to that? In most cases - no. We have hit a trend change when it comes to faster CPUs. We will get more and more cores, but each core will be slower as the number of cores increase. How fast will your software run in a few years?

In his talk, Joe Armstrong introduces Erlang and the ideas of Concurrent Oriented Programming. Erlang is designed for fault-tolerance and because of the message-passing, share-nothing solution - scalability if built-in. Joe talks about the language, the philosophy behind the language, the implementation and about a number of commercial applications which are written in Erlang.

See the one hour presentation from JAOO 2007 at

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video stops at 16:46. by Lars Vonk

The video and presentation stops at 16:46. Am I the only one or is the video broken?

- Lars

Re: video stops at 16:46. by Diana Baciu

Hi Lars

I just tested it and it seem to be working fine

Re: video stops at 16:46. by Lars Vonk

Works fine for me again... Must have been my connection or so. Thanks.

Download slides presentation by paul de schacht

is it possible to download the slides of this excellent presentation ? Thanks - Paul

Flash 9? by Piotr Usewicz

Guys... Flash 10 should be allowed too watch the video.

Re: Download slides presentation by art ing

hello where is the presentation ?

mp3 by shane berry

Does anyone know how I can convert the audio to mp3 format, so I can listen to it on the road?

Re: Download slides presentation by Allen Montejo

It would be great if we have a function here that we can download the presentation with the slide.

Re: Flash 9? by Tarjei Knapstad

Flash 10 is still a beta product, why on earth should InfoQ be required to support a prerelease?

Re: Download slides presentation by Floyd Marinescu

Sorry Lars, slide downloads were only available to people who attended JAOO.

Not just concurrency... by Michael Neale

One of the nicest things about erlang, which no one talks about, is how it is designed for ultra reliable software. Carrier grade etc. People seem to be used to unreliable terrible software these days, and would rather have things cheap (and disposable). However, erlang promises a higher grade of reliability then I think people are used to. Thats the greatest thing about it for me. The concurrency stuff is a nice side effect.

Re: Not just concurrency... by Debasish Ghosh

Steve Vinoski has blogged a lot about Erlang reliability. Check out Also there are quite a few posts in Erlang forums that describe how single assignment, immutability etc. make Erlang a great platform for designing reliable systems. I am +1 with you that reliability is the #1 USP for Erlang.

Re: mp3 by Mykola Gurov

you could download the .flv and then convert it with the ffmpeg dropping out the video track. But you would miss the slides :(

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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