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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Erlang - software for a concurrent world

Presentation: Erlang - software for a concurrent world

We get more and more cores in our CPUs, but does our software run linearly faster, or even close to that? In most cases - no. We have hit a trend change when it comes to faster CPUs. We will get more and more cores, but each core will be slower as the number of cores increase. How fast will your software run in a few years?

In his talk, Joe Armstrong introduces Erlang and the ideas of Concurrent Oriented Programming. Erlang is designed for fault-tolerance and because of the message-passing, share-nothing solution - scalability if built-in. Joe talks about the language, the philosophy behind the language, the implementation and about a number of commercial applications which are written in Erlang.

See the one hour presentation from JAOO 2007 at

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