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Holly Widgets for GTK#

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GTK# is a collection of bindings for the GTK+ toolkit within Gnome.  Using GTK# developers can build graphical interfaces using Mono with the Stetic designer of MonoDevelop.  This past week Daniel announced code complete on the Mono-GTK# mailing list:

I'm proud to present you with my last two weeks work - a gtk-sharp custom control library compatible 100% with monodevelop/stetic.

Url:  (yeah, I have screen shots there )

Included in the first release of Holly Widgets are the following controls:

HFontPicker - A office like font picker widget
HDateEdit - A date-time picker supporting custom formatting options
HSimpleList - A simple list widget, inspired by the Winforms Listbox control ( has the nice Items collection, the OwnerDrawn property and the OnMeasureItem, OnDrawItem events ).
HSimpleComboBox - A simple combobox widget, inspired by the Winforms Combobox control
HRegExEntry - A simple entry with regular expressions validation. Has a small icon that changes if the content is valid or invalid.
HColorPicker - A simple color picker drop-down ( office like )
HToolTip - A nice ballon tooltip window
HIpEntry - A widget that alows the user to enter an IPv4 address
HTreeView - A simple to use TreeView? widget, similar to the winforms one
HComboTree - A easy to use combobox with a treeview ( HTreeView ) inside
HComboFolder - A combobox widget with a folder tree popup

In the works for the next release, Daniel is working on:

  • HSchedulingCalendar – a calendar widget
  • HPictureBox – a picture box widget similiar to the Winform incarnation
  • HImageCheckbox – an image checkbox
  • HComboCalculator – a combobox calculator popup
  • HNumericEntry – for numeric values

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