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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Mingle: Building a Rails-Based Product

Presentation: Mingle: Building a Rails-Based Product

In this presentation, Neal Ford explains the development process of ThoughtWorks Studio's Mingle, a web based project management tool. Mingle is written using Ruby on Rails, but is deployed to users using JRuby.

Mingle started out inside ThoughtWorks, with the basic roots going back to project management based on an elaborate spreadsheet. Neal goes into how Mingle was designed to be very flexible, so it can help to manage agile teams.

Neal explains that Mingle works on both MRI and JRuby. JRuby was considered because of the availability of some libraries, eg. for SVN access and others. Neal continues with more information about  the experience of working with JRuby for Mingle, such as using Jetty to deploy it, building AntBuilder for writing JEE deployment descriptors and more. The talk finishes up with the performance evolution of Mingle and an outlook for the future.

Watch  "Mingle: Building a Rails-Based product".

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