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InfoQ Homepage News Article: David Nuescheler on JCR and REST

Article: David Nuescheler on JCR and REST

In a new InfoQ interview, Day CTO and JCR Spec Lead David Nuescheler talks to Stefan Tilkov about the benefits of JCR, the Java Content Repository standard, the difference between an API such as Atom/Atom Publishing protocol and JCR, JCR's connection to REST, and Apache Sling, a new kind of Web framework.

In David's view, Atom Pub and JCR are complementary – similarly to the HTTP protocol and the Servlet API, one doesn't replace the other, but rather they work together. David considers himself "a child of the Web" and a big fan of the REST approach. He feels that Apache Sling, a web framework backed by his employer, Day Software, offers the best option for building Web apps that follow the principles of Day Chief Scientist (and REST inventor) Roy Fielding.

Read the full interview for more.

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Community comments

  • Zope

    by Neil Ellis,

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    Great article, I finally took the time to listen to a discussion about JCR :-)
    Probably a good subject to have a talk on, have you already done that on InfoQ?

    one would end up with ugly URLs like …/view.jsp?id=123465 that are clearly not even resource oriented. In more modern frameworks people started to be more flexible with URLs just treating the URL “as a string” allowing for example regexp based dissection of the URL.

    That's why despite being a true blue Java developer I will always remain a lifelong Zope fan, those guys understood RESTful architecture (and ideas we still aren't stealing yet in the Java world) while we were still writing noddy JSP applications :-) To this day I regard Zope as containing some of the most elegant concrete programming concepts invented.

    All the best


  • Brilliant - Would like to see more..

    by Ambuj Tiwari,

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    It’s nice to hear some words of wisdom from David himself. I was looking at different solutions of JCR world and I could see only few new organizations adopting it. Now as David talked about some big names also trying to make their repository complaint with this, we can expect some popular WCM players also moving in this direction.

    The study on “application framework” in Java and “web framework” in Java is also interesting.


Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p