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InfoQ Homepage News SOA Wordle: Nice But Is It Art?

SOA Wordle: Nice But Is It Art?

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Mike Matsumura has produced a SOA word cloud, presumably intended to include words and terms that are relevant to SOA.

Does the prominence of WOA mean that Miko believes it is a useful acronym? Maybe, maybe not, because if you look closely you will see terms that seem out of place for a variety of reasons. Some of them are fairly obviously related to SOA, such as SOA (!), Web, Componentization and Governance Patterns. Then there are some that are not technology related (which makes sense, since SOA is more than a technology), such as Anne Thomas Manes and David Linthicum. But there are some terms that seem completely out of place: iPhone and Movies, for example.

So what else is missing or should be removed? Or is this an accurate reflection as far as the community is concerned?

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