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Put Agile2008 on your Phone or PDA with Gcal

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Agile 2008 will take place this year from August 4th to 8th. With its emphasis on smaller and more intimate sessions for effective learning, the schedule for the annual Agile Alliance conference can be overwhelming. This year it lists about 550 talks, workshops, tutorials, experience reports and papers. One agilist has taken matters into her own hands and offers a public gcal interface to the conference site, one timeslot at a time.

In just ten days agilists will descend on Toronto, to begin shaking their heads over the plethora of choices offered in each of the 15 scheduled timeslots throughout the five-day conference. This time, however, they might choose to leave the big paper schedule aside, using a phone, blackberry or PDA to look up "what's next" using a public calendar.

This reporter has created a Google Calendar for the conference, with public HTML, XML, iCal and Google interfaces. The conference itself made this possible with the summarized schedule on their website. The gcal mimics this structure, and points at the conference site's own detailed html pages, which list all the sessions for a each timeslot. To find out more about an interesting session, follow the links from there to the details of each individual talk or session. So mobile users do need the ability to view html to use this, but the pages are navigable even without tables, for simpler browsers.

How to access the calendar:
as html ( )
via iCal
as XML
via Google: calendar name: "Agile2008 Schedule" and ID

or embed it in a webpage (remove blanks in first and last tags):

< iframe width="800" scrolling="no" height="600" frameborder="0" style="border: 0pt none ;" src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">< /iframe>  

In addition, there is a general calendar entry called "Agile2008 Links" where conference goers can pick up useful links, like:

    tag: Agile2008
    slideshow link


Got a suggestion for the use of this calendar? For example, if someone sets up a Twitter channel for the conference, let us know so we can list it in the Links entry! Send it to us via the Contribute News link at the top of the InfoQ site, specifying "Agile".

Of course, this still doesn't solve the problem of what to attend!
For example, here are the possibilities for just one of the 15 timeslots on the schedule: at 10:45, Tuesday, following the first keynote by the author of "The Wisdom of Crowds":

Main Stage

Expanding Agile Horizons: The Five Dimensions of Systems

Mary Poppendieck

Open Source Businesses and Developer Careers

Dirk Riehle

Open Jam

create your own session at the conference

Tools for Agility

Rethinking Unit Testing:

James Newkirk

APDT: An Agile Planning Tool for Digital Tabletops

Xin Wang

See Large Scale Multi-Stage Continuous Integration in Real Time

Damon Poole


Tangible Bug Tracking using LEGO bricks

Takeshi Kakeda


Test-Driven Ajax

Johannes Link

Developer Jam

TDD Clinic: BDD & Rails

Gregg Pollack

Clean Code Clinic: TDD Ping Pong Match!

Andy Maleh

Continuous Testing: TDD Turned Up To 12

Ben Rady

Live Aid

participate in a real agile project at the conference


Behaviour Driven Development using Plain Old JUnit

Elizabeth Keogh

Test-Driven Requirements: beyond tools

Gilles Mantel

Committing to Quality

The Tester Who Came In From the Cold: Helping Testers Make an Agile Transition

Lisa Crispin

Research Stage

Agile Orientation and Psychological Needs, Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Support: A Two Job-Level Comparison

Tali Seger, Orit Hazzan, Ronen Bar-Nahor

Scrum in a Multiproject Environment

Artem Marchenko, Pekka Abrahamsson

Automated Acceptance Testing: a Literature Review and an Industrial Case Study

Børge Haugset, Geir K. Hanssen

Learning & Education

Systemic Coaching Techniques for Agile Coaches

Michael Spayd

(Re)Defining the Agile Coach

Erik Lundh

Agility, Evolution, Emergence, and the Primodial Ooze

Brian Foote

The use of Ritual in Agile currently and identifying improving ways to harness the power of ritual

Mark Smith

Agile Game Development

Clinton Keith

Questioning Agile

A Model for Questioning Agile

Jon Bach

Trying to save a Scrum implementation using Lean Principles and

Rafael Santos

Chansons Françaises

Introduction de la scène des Chansons Françaises

Emmanuel Gaillot

Implementation Agile Internationale

Alexandre Boutin

Agile & Organizational Culture

Culture Stage Introduction

Marc Evers

Throwing the Agile Transition Party

Michael Hill

Jazz improvisation as a metaphor for understanding agile development organizational behavior

Charles Suscheck

Learning Kaizen from Toyota (with MindMaps)

Kenji Hiranabe

Customers & Business Value

Converting Business Value into Actual Money

Luke Hohmann

Establishing an Agile Portfolio to Align IT Investments with Business Needs

Joseph C Thomas

Using Agile for Buy vs. Build Decisions

Mike Register

Extremely Short Iterations as a Catalyst for Effective Prioritization of Work

Mishkin Berteig

Feature Injection

Chris Matts

Distributed Agile

Agile Distributed Teams

Douglas Shimp

Creating Proximity over a Distance

Jutta Eckstein

Leadership & Teams

The Myth and Magic of Self-Organizing Teams

Kevin Wagoner

Practices of an Agile Team

Fumihiko Kinoshita

Agile Project Experiences – The Story Of Three Little Pigs

Craig Smith

Leadership Success Recipes for Agile in the 21st Century

Jean Tabaka

The Leadership Imperative: Creating a Culture of Trust

Pollyanna Pixton

User Experience

Pragmatic Personas: Connecting With Developers Via TDD

David Hussman

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