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InfoQ Homepage News PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V Posted on CodePlex

PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V Posted on CodePlex

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James O'Neill from Microsoft has posted the PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V Beta 0.9 on CodePlex. The library currently contains 66 functions used to manage the virtual machines running in Hyper-V.

The following functions are included in the library:

    • Finding a VM: Get-VM, Choose-VM
    • Connecting to a VM: New-VMConnectSession
    • Discovering and Manipulating Machine States: List-VMState, Set-VMState, Convert-VmState, Ping-VM, Shutdown-VM, Start-VM, Stop-VM, Suspend-VM, Get-VMKVP
    • Backing up, Exporting and Snapshotting VMs: Backup-vm, Export-VM, Get-VMSnapshot, Choose-VMSnapshot, Apply-VMSnapshot, New-VMSnapshot, Remove-VMSnapshot, Get-VMSnapshotTree
    • Adding and Removing VMs, Configuring Motherboard Settings: New-VM, Remove-VM, Set-VM, Get-VMCPUCount, Set-VMCPUCount, Get-VMMemory, Set-VMMemory
    • Manipulating Disk Controllers, Drives and Disk Images: Get-VMDiskController, Add-VMSCSIController, Remove-VMSCSIcontroller, Get-VMDrive, Add-VMDRIVE, Remove-VMdrive, Get-VMDisk, Add-VMDISK, Set-VMDisk, List-VMDisk
      Get-VMFloppyDisk, Add-VMFloppyDisk, Add-VMNewHardDisk
    • Manipluating Network Interface Cards: Get-VMNic, List-VMNic, Choose-VMNIC, Add-VMNIC, Remove-VMNIC, Set-VMNICAddress, Set-VMNICConnection, Get-VMNicport,
      Get-VMnicSwitch, Choose-VMSwitch, New-VMSwitchPort, Get-VMByMACaddress
    • Working with VHD Files: Get-VHDDefaultPath, Get-VHDInfo, New-VHD, Compact-VHD, Mount-VHD, Unmount-VHD

The library is in beta, and its source code is made available under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). InfoQ has presented the launch of Hyper-V, Microsoft virtualization solution, which happened in June 2008.

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