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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Domain-Driven Design at the Center of an Evolving Architecture

Article: Domain-Driven Design at the Center of an Evolving Architecture

Domain driven design can be most readily applied to stable domains in which the key activity is for developers to capture and model what is in users' heads. But it becomes more challenging when the domain itself is in a state of flux and development. This is common in Agile projects, and happens also when the business itself is trying to evolve. In this latest InfoQ article, Mat Wall and Nik Silver explain how they used DDD in the context of a two-year programme of work to rethink and rebuild popular high-traffic news site

Read Domain-Driven Design in an Evolving Architecture

In the article, Mat and Nik how how they ensured the evolving perceptions of our end-users were reflected in the software architecture, and how they implemented that architecture to ensure future changes. They provide details of important project processes and of specific evolutionary steps in the model.Top level headings:
  1. Background to the programme
  2. Starting out with DDD
  3. Processes for DDD in a growing programme
  4. Evolving the domain model
  5. Evolution at the code level
  6. Some final lessons of DDD in an evolving architecture
  7. Appendix: A concrete example

Nik Silver is Head of Software Development at Guardian News & Media. He introduced Agile software development to the company in 2003 and is responsible for software development, front-end development and quality assurance. Nik occasionally writes about Guardian's technical work on, and about wider software issues at his own site,

Matthew Wall is Software Architect at Guardian News & Media, specialising in developing large scale web applications in an Agile environment. His primary concern at the moment is the development of the next generation web platform for He has given various talks on this and related subjects at JAOO, ServerSide, QCon, XTech and OpenTech.

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