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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Managing Variability in Product-Lines

Presentation: Managing Variability in Product-Lines


Managing commonality and variability is the core of product line engineering. In this presentation, Markus Völter illustrates how model-driven and aspect oriented software development help addressing the challenge of managing variability in product line engineering. Both the problem space and the solution space are described by models, using a model-to-model transformation to map problem space variability to solution space variability.

In the talk, Markus illustrates the following techniques:

  • combining modelling languages for customization and configuration
  • using model-to-model transformations to formally describe the mapping from problem space to solution space
  • integrating runtime variability based on models
  • handling traceability on model-level
  • the importance of a powerful platform as a basis for the product line
  • developing families of code generators and model transformations
  • aspect-oriented modelling as a way of defining variants of models
  • using aspect-oriented programming to adapt product code for unexpected variability

See the one hour presentation here on InfoQ’s exclusive content:

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