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Oracle Announces WebLogic Suite

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In a live webcast this past week, Oracle announced a number of changes in their middleware software suite. Since the acquisition of BEA Systems earlier this year, there has been some question as to how Oracle was planning to integrate the various product offerings that came with the purchase.

 The announcement details the software that encompasses Oracle Fusion Middleware, a mix of the existing Oracle software along with the various products from BEA.

In a live webcast attended by partners and customers from around the world, Oracle President Charles Phillips and Oracle Fusion Middleware Senior Vice President Thomas Kurian outlined Oracle's middleware strategy, which combines the best products from BEA and Oracle Fusion Middleware and provides continuity and investment protection for both customer bases.

One of the most notable changes from this press release is the replacement of their current Oracle Application Server product with the newly-branded Oracle WebLogic Server as the recommended application server platform. OAS 10g, their current application server offering, is built on top of Orion application server, and will be supported in parallel to the new Weblogic server platform for an unspecified period of time.

As part of the Weblogic brand, Oracle is combining the server with WebLogic Operations Control, the Coherence caching service, and JRockit JDK into a product offering titled Oracle WebLogic Suite.

In addition to their WebLogic Suite, Oracle is also now offering the WebLogic Application Grid, a horizontal-scaling platform for Java EE applications. Similar to the suite, the application grid platform combines Coherence Grid-Edition with the Real-time edition of JRockit to provide large-scale grid deployments beyond what the standard Weblogic clustering supports.

The original webcast presentation PDF is available, and there is a detailed datasheet regarding the new Oracle Fusion Middleware set of products. InfoQ will continue to track changes in the Java EE server space.

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