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InfoQ Homepage News 'State of Agile' Survey Open for Participation

'State of Agile' Survey Open for Participation

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VersionOne, a maker of agile project management tools, has announced that the third annual 'State of Agile Development' survey is open for participation. The online survey is intended to gauge the value of agile development practices in the field. Results will be announced on August 4th, at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto.

This year's survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and will be open until July 21. Participants may remain anonymous, or may choose to provide an email address so that VersionOne can email them the results. 

The survey covers:

  • Personal experience
  • Your company's experience and level of involvement with agile
  • Which practices are in use
  • Motivations for adopting agile
  • Results achieved

The first survey , in 2006, had 722 participants from 47 countries. Of the companies represented, 84% were using agile somewhere in the organization. On average, participants had been using agile methods for 2.3 years.

When asked to identify the role of the initial champion of agile development, the results were:

VP / Director of Development 28%
Project Manager 18%
Team Lead 13%
President / CEO 11%
Architect 7%
CIO 5%
Consultant 5%

The full results of the 2006 survey [pdf] are available for download.

Last year nearly 1,700 people from 71 countries participated in the second survey. Of the companies represented, 73.2% were using agile somewhere in the organization.

Asked how long they had been practicing agile development, respondents said:

Greater than 5 years 12%
2 - 5 years 26.1%
1 - 2 years 20.9%
6 - 12 months 16.6%
Less than 6 months 16%
Never 8.4%

And what role as the initial champion of agile development?

Team Lead / Dev. Manager 22%
VP / Director of Development 19%
C-Level Executive 18%
Project Manager 15%
Architect 8%
Developer 6%

The full results of the 2007 survey [pdf] are available for download.

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