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What Do You Want On Future Browsers? Time to Vote!

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An industry wishlist for future browsers has been collected and developed by OpenAjax Alliance. Using wiki as an open collaboration tool and with contributions from many people in the industry, the feature list now lists 37 separate feature requests, covering a wide range of technology areas, such as security, Comet, multimedia, CSS, interactivity, and performance. The goal is to inform the browser vendors about what the Ajax developer community feels are most important for the next round of browsers (i.e., FF4, IE9, Safari4, and Opera10) and to provide supplemental details relative to the feature requests.

The current feature request list is:

Security features

Client-server communications features

HTML5/W3C features

CSS features

Rendering/interaction/event handling features

Performance features

JavaScript features

Other features

OpenAjax Alliance is calling for everyone to vote for his/her favorite features. As befits an AJAX organization, voting is done using AJAX callbacks so that the votes are recorded asynchronously in the background:

  1. Register an account for yourself at OpenAjax wiki home page;
  2. Cast your vote at Phase II Voting Page;

The alliance also strongly encourages people to comment on the wiki pages for each of the existing features and to add any important new features that are not yet on the list.

This voting is open to anyone, including OpenAjax Alliance members and non-members.

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