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InfoQ Homepage News VMware Infrastructure 3 Book Excerpt and Author Interview

VMware Infrastructure 3 Book Excerpt and Author Interview

The new book VMware Infrastructure 3: Advanced Technical Design Guide and Advanced Operations Guide details both the design environments and operational processes of VMware Infrastructure 3.  Written from the practical experience of proven VMware engineers, this book provides IT consultants and system engineers with the insight needed to tackle tough issues in server virtualization such as virtual machine technologies, storage infrastructure, and designing clustered environments. InfoQ is proud to provide both a book excerpt and an interview with the authors Ron Oglesby, Scott Herold, and Mike Laverick. 
1. What is the biggest thing that has changed in the virtualization market in the last year?

[Scott] - The drive to introduce mission critical applications is finally settling in for many organizations. With increased capabilities provided by a combination of hardware and hypervisor vendors, it is now possible to run larger and more critical applications inside virtualization. This is also driving the need for more advanced and intelligent ways to monitor and manage the infrastructure. We are seeing an increase in third party software vendors trying to rise to the occasion and take advantage of the virtualization wave. Some are successfully acquired, while many silently disappear trying to capture what is quickly becoming a saturated market...

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