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InfoQ Homepage News F# September 2008 CTP Was Updated

F# September 2008 CTP Was Updated

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Shortly after it was released, the F# September 2008 CTP has been updated. This is a minor update, which is supposed to address some issues left open in the CTP released a week ago. "Support for units of measure on decimal types was limited in the first CTP release, and this has now been addressed", according to Don Syme, a researcher on the F# team.

Don lists the following issues to be fixed with the update:

Type abbreviations to floating point types involving units don’t behave correctly

Quotations.Expr.TupleGet gives exception on zero index

CodeDom invocation of compiler should use '--nologo'

Decimal<kg> doesn't support operators

Sequence expressions involving 'let' and 'use' dispose of enumerator too eagerly

Evaluation of a valid quotation expression doesn’t succeed (reported by Credit Suisse)

Base variables in object expressions do not follow the same rules as base variables in class types

The download link for F# September 2008 CTP has remained unchanged, but the download installer has internal version instead of

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