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New NHibernate Community Site

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Fabio Maulo, a member of the NHibernate team, has announced the start of a new NHibernate web site called NH Forge. The name is a reminder of the fact that NHibernate was previously hosted on since 2005. The purpose of the new site is to bring together the NHibernate community, having all necessary in one place.

According to Fabio:

NH Forge will provide an aggregation point for all NH Community resources as well as offering a jumping-off point for new NH community members looking to get started with NH. In few words a place to have a cohesive community working together.

The site's blog is already having some posts like A fluent interface to NHibernate - Part 1, and being a place for NHibernate related announcements.

The site has a JIRA issue tracker organized into several projects: NHibernate, Burrow, Caches, ContribDrivers, Linq, Mapping, Search, Spatial, Validator.

The NH Forge site is completed with a Wiki, a Mailing List and a Download section. The downloads are still hosted on The current version of NHibernate is 2.0 and was released in August 2008.

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