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InfoQ Homepage News NewRelic Offers Free Rails Monitoring, Adds New Features

NewRelic Offers Free Rails Monitoring, Adds New Features

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NewRelic has updated their Rails Performance Monitoring (RPM) offering (InfoQ's previous coverage of NewRelic including technical descriptions of how the product works). RPM is a Rails plugin which hooks into Rails to gather performance data which is then sent to NewRelic's servers for storage and evaluation. RPM features a Real-Time Dashboard to view automatically generated reports and drill down into the data. NewRelic also dogfoods their own products - the server side part of RPM's products are written in Rails and monitored with RPM.

Now NewRelic has made RPM Lite available free of charge - that includes the Rails plugin and the hosted service that collects the data and the Real-Time Dashboard. There's no limit on how many Rails applications can be monitored with RPM Lite. More details are available in the RPM Lite press release.

The commercial versions of RPM are available in Bronze, Silver or Gold levels - each level adds another set of features. The features include Transaction Tracing (allows to drill down into the details of a transaction, down to the SQL), Error Tracking (classifies errors), Automatic Incident Detection (uses statistical analysis to see if sensor data deviates from a normal values), Customizable reports,  and much more (complete list is available on the NewRelic website).

Currently Rails is the only supported web framework - with support for Mongrel, Thin, Litespeed, Passenger (mod_rails), and JRuby/Glassfish.

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