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InfoQ Homepage News Article: More Than Just Spin (Up) - Virtualization for the Enterprise and SaaS

Article: More Than Just Spin (Up) - Virtualization for the Enterprise and SaaS

A new InfoQ case study takes a look at how the benefits of virtualization can be harnessed inside enterprise data centers to increase reliability, ease maintenance, and enable Saas deployments.
Cloud services, such as Amazon EC2, have helped bring virtualization to the forefront of the IT conversation. These services have been built on the the most popular feature of virtualization, the rapid provisioning of new virtual machines on available hardware. This is the core premise of cloud computing - massive amounts of infrastructure with excessive capacity sold to those organizations who require it. It can provide the flexibility and structure of a massive infrastructure by selling customers the individual slices required for their smaller systems...

...This article will examine some of these complex benefits and their application in the real world. More importantly, it provides some details into how Contegix is implementing virtualization to solve complex problems such as Saas enablement of applications.

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