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Host IronScheme in Your .NET Applications

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IronScheme, an implementation of Scheme for the .NET runtime, is ready for developers to try out. IronScheme adheres closely to the R6RS Scheme standard and currently passes 8,881 of the 8,897 tests in the PLT R6RS test suite.

Right out of the box you get a REPL-style editor that most users of dynamic languages will find familiar. While spartan by Visual Studio standards, it does have a few nice touches such as tab-based code completion. While we are on that topic, there is some limited support for Visual Studio. Currently it just has paren matching and syntax coloring, but much more is planned.

The real win is that ability to host IronScheme inside other .NET applications. This allows developers to quickly add scripting support, something that has been much needed since the de facto deprecation of the Microsoft Script Control.

While IronScheme is certainly not the only scripting language offered by the Dynamic Language Runtime, quite suitable for demonstration purposes.

Dim mgr = ScriptDomainManager.CurrentManager
Dim slp = New IronSchemeLanguageProvider(mgr)
Dim se = slp.GetEngine()
Dim out = se.Evaluate("(sin 30)")

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