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HP Releases Systinet 3.0

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On Oct 6th, HP announced the release of HP SOA Systinet 3.00, a market-leading service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance software.

HP acquired Systinet as part of its acquisition of Mercury Interactive in 2006. According to the press release, the significant features in latest release include

  • Best Practices: The product comes pre-built with a set of best practice service lifecycle policies for compliance automation. It also allows for customization of service life cycles and policies easily to suit business needs.
  • Integration: The product integrates with HP Service Test Management and HP Universal Configuration Management Database (CMDB), to automate policies enforcement based on service quality.
  • Standards support: It offers investment protection in chosen standards with new support for Open CSA (previously SCA) and WSDL 2.0. The product supports the BPEL standard and adds governance capabilities to existing business process and helps organizations increase productivity in their business process management initiatives.  
  • Automation: Organizations can automate repetitive tasks across a large number of services with new support for bulk operations and life cycle cloning, capabilities that simplify the implementation of major changes.
  • Visualization: The product provides role-based visual dashboards give users the information they need in a format that relates to their responsibilities.



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