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Implementing SOA Governance

In this article, Todd Biske, an Enterprise Architect working for a F500 company, provides his guidance to implement a successful SOA Governance organization. He recommends a 3 step process focused on policies:

  • establish the desired behaviors
  • establish the policies that guide the behavior within projects
  • enforce these policies

Todd recommends to rely on a SOA Center of Excellence:

A very common approach is the establishment of a Center of Excellence, or CoE, that has a cross section of leaders that can be accountable for policies within their domains. 

He concludes:

[the] policies are all rooted around the definition of services and the interactions between service consumers and service providers. Proper articulation of the correct behavior between both the technical components of these services and their consumers and the human teams responsible for the definition, creation, and operation of them is what SOA governance is all about.

Todd has recently published a book on "SOA Governance: The key to successful SOA adoption in your organization".

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