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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Prioritizing Your Product Backlog

Presentation: Prioritizing Your Product Backlog

Choosing the right features can make the difference between the success and failure of a software product. Mike Cohn presented 'Prioritizing your Project Backlog' at Agile 2008 on how a project backlog should be organized and prioritized and non-financial techniques for prioritization such as kano analysis, theme screening/scoring, relative weighting and analytic hierarchy process.

Watch Prioritizing Your Product Backlog (75 minutes).

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe commented on the presentation:
Essentially, the process works on the theme level. Applying it to stories is too much work and is often meaningless to business users. When we work on a theme, we have to split them in stories and redo the exercise because not all stories in a high-scoring them have a lot of business value or are necessary to realize the theme’s business value. Overall an excellent presentation with good visuals, some exercises and practical advice.

If you'd like a hardcopy, Mike Cohn has released a PDF of his presentation.

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