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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Tom Preston-Werner on Powerset, GitHub, Ruby and Erlang

Interview: Tom Preston-Werner on Powerset, GitHub, Ruby and Erlang


In this interview from RubyFringe, Tom Preston-Werner talks about his work with Ruby and other technologies while working for the search engine PowerSet and GitHub.

Among the topics discussed are PowerSet, its acquisition by Microsoft, and the technologies used to implement PowerSet, which include Erlang and Ruby. One of the tools is also available as open source software: Fuzed.

Tom's other occupation is the popular repository hosting site GitHub, which is built on various Ruby technologies, as well as a bit of Erlang, a git daemon written by Tom. Other topics include Tom's other projects, such as the monitoring tool god.

Watch the interview "Tom Preston-Werner on Powerset, GitHub, Ruby and Erlang"

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  • great interview

    by Navjeet Chabbewal,

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    This was an awesome interview. Thanks.

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