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InfoQ Homepage News Ruby in Steel - Free Edition includes Visual Studio

Ruby in Steel - Free Edition includes Visual Studio

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The latest free edition of Ruby In Steel now includes a free copy of Visual Studio.  SapphireSteel Software released this free edition of their flagship Ruby and Rails IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Ruby In Steel.

Ruby in Steel is currently the only way to develop Ruby applications in Visual Studio today and includes a large list of features developers expect in a Visual Studio supported language.  The Ruby In Steel Personal Edition (PE) 2008 provides all the tools needed to develop and maintain Ruby or Ruby On Rails projects including syntax sensitive customizable code coloring and code folding, coding tools such as auto-indenting, code reformatting, bracket and keyword matching and integrated consoles to allow users to interact with the Ruby interpreter in docked or floating windows. Ruby In Steel PE 2008 even includes a free copy of Visual Studio 2008!

Ruby In Steel PE 2008 is available for personal or commercial development. It does not require registration and it does not time out. It comes with an ‘All-in-One’ installer to allow users to install all the software required including: Visual Studio 2008 (‘Shell edition’), Ruby, Rails, MySQL and Ruby In Steel. Alternatively, users who already own a commercial edition of Visual Studio 2008 may install Ruby In Steel into that.

Ruby In Steel PE 2008 provides numerous features for Ruby and Rails developers such as:

  • Code Coloring (Ruby)    
  • Code Coloring (ERB/RHTML)                     
  • Code Folding (Ruby)                     
  • Code Folding (ERB/RHTML)                       
  • Bracket matching (move cursor)                             
  • Bracket highlighting                      
  • Keyword..end matching (move cursor)                
  • Block comment/uncomment                    
  • Multi-level undo/redo                 
  • Tabbed (multi-file) editing                         
  • Split-window editing                    
  • Auto Indent/outdent                   
  • Smart Indenting             
  • Auto end-completion (e.g. auto add ‘end’ after ‘def’)  
  • Code Reformatting
  • Project Management in the Solution Explorer
  • Open command prompt in selected directory                   
  • Dockable IRB Console                  
  • Run in integrated interactive console                    
  • Comprehensive PDF User Guide/Manual                           
  • Integrated Help                              
  • All-in-one Installer                         
  • Color schemes/customization                  
  • Supports Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.8.7, Rails 1, Rails 2.1

The free Ruby in Steel PE gives developers a chance to explore Ruby and Ruby on Rails without having to pay for a license of Visual Studio.  The Developer Edition is a superset of Ruby In Steel PE which includes a powerful integrated debugger with watch windows, break-and-step and variable ‘drill-down’ plus a library of auto-expand code snippets.

Ruby In Steel Developer includes the ‘Visual Rails Workbench’ - a unique drag and drop visual design environment for Ruby On Rails plus the ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger. Ruby In Steel Developer supports standard Ruby and JRuby and provides a visual designer (alpha) for Microsoft’s (in development) IronRuby for .NET. Ruby In Steel Developer also has fast IntelliSense with code-completion which analyses code as it is entered to ensure the greatest possible accuracy.

More information is available on the SapphireSteel Software web site

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