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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Joe Armstrong About Erlang

Interview: Joe Armstrong About Erlang


 In this interview filmed during QCon London 2008, Joe Armstrong, designer of Erlang, speaks on various aspects of the Erlang language, presenting its roots, how it compares with other languages and why it has become popular these days due to its native ability to scale on multi core systems.

Watch: Joe Armstrong About Erlang (32 min.)

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Community comments

  • Great Interview

    by Carlo Pires,

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    I think Erlang is a natural way to programmers bored with OOP and its infinite APIs

  • Erlang is brilliant

    by Hao Zhang,

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    Thank Joe Armstrong for bringing Erlang to us.

    As long as you start to use Erlang and get used to its syntax, you would absolutely love it. It is simple but powerful.

    I like Joe Armstrong's speech in the interview. He is very nice and funny.

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