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InfoQ Brazil Launches

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I’m happy to announce that InfoQ Brazil ( is now officially launched!  The “Br” is now in the top right corner of each page on InfoQ, and all InfoQ daily news & articles will be translated henceforth, with additional local news, articles, and videos produced by the Brazilian community on an ongoing basis. InfoQ Brazil launched officially this weekend, and has already gotten over 6700 pageviews in the last couple of days.

To celebrate the launch of InfoQ in Brazil, a one day conference was held in Sao Paolo this past saturday attended by over 80 people. The mood at the event was very excited, the most senior in Brazil speak English know about InfoQ and are thrilled that it will be coming to Brazil (and all Portuguese speaking countries) in order to reach the rest of the software development community. Brazil’s is quite large infact, there are 300,000 Java developers here and the country is predicting a shortfall of 100,000 developers in the next couple of years.  InfoQ is well positioned to become a defacto go-to place for the local community.

Now that Brazil is launched, we have completed our initial vision for our internationalization strategy and are now reaching the major generally-non-english reading emerging & already large software development centers via InfoQ China, InfoQ Japan, and InfoQ Brazil.  InfoQ China's team is part of C4Media who runs InfoQ, and InfoQ Japan and Brazil are operated by partner companies (Fratech in Brazil) in a franchise-like arrangement.  We are always looking for more partners in more areas should there be interest.

InfoQ is getting closer to its vision of being the worlds source for tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community.

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