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InfoQ Homepage News Typemock Announces Isolator 5.1.1 and Racer

Typemock Announces Isolator 5.1.1 and Racer

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Typemock has announced its latest tools, Isolator and Racer, to help bridge the gaps between novice and expert programmers as they write unit tests. Typemock products support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio Team System 2008, and work with any test framework. They enable developers of all levels to improve and test their code more quickly and easily.

With Typemock Isolator, any Microsoft Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET developer can start unit testing his or her code today, no matter what kind of .NET application technology they are working on--from Microsoft SharePoint to Windows Forms or ASP.NET -- using simple concepts and APIs to help isolate code dependencies such as databases, web services or resources in the cloud. Isolator is a proven solution with many thousands of users around the world.
Typemock Racer now enables developing quality parallel code. Developers can use a very simple API to detect, visualize and solve complex parallel multi threaded code issues such as deadlocks and race conditions, which are nearly impossible to recreate or debug.
 “With Typemock tools, our users are beginning to realize how simple unit testing can be, and test-driven development (TDD) becomes an important part of the development process”, said Gil Zilberfeld, Product Manager, Typemock. “Making our tools simple and easy to use is a large part of what we do here, and we are confident that they offer a tremendous advantage to developers.”

“Typemock’s newest release is a great example of how important it is for testing to be integrated into the development lifecycle,” said Matt Nunn, group product manager for Visual Studio Team System, Developer Division at Microsoft Corp. “The Typemock tools build on top of what Visual Studio Team System already delivers and provides customers with an extended test toolkit.”

Download a trial version of Typemock tools.

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