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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Writing A Texual DSL Using 'OSLO'

Article: Writing A Texual DSL Using 'OSLO'

Microsoft unveiled the building blocks of their “OSLO” vision during the PDC event in Los Angeles in October. As the article explains

Oslo has three main components:

  • A modeling language M for textual DSLs
  • Quadrant a design surface for graphical DSLs
  • A relational database repository that stores these models.

The textual language development consists of is a three core languages, technically two that any given developer can author in:

  • MGrammar: defines grammars for Syntax Directed Translation.
  • MSchema: Is a language that defines schemas for a Semantic Model, that, model-aware runtimes can use.
  • MGraph: represents an object graph of a translation of a given textual input against a parser defined using MGrammar.

This article is an attempt to try and use the MGrammar language to write our own language, a DSL, for expressing dates in natural language using the OSLO tool chain.

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