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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Kent Beck: Trends in Agile Development

Presentation: Kent Beck: Trends in Agile Development

In this presentation, Kent Beck, the father of eXtreme Programming, shows the synergies between business and Agile development. The reason Agile is becoming more popular every day is because it responds to the business needs as they evolve.

Watch: Kent Beck: Trends in Agile Development (56 min)

Kent starts his presentation with today’s business trends:

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Relationships

He continues with current development trends:

  • Effective software
  • Reliable software
  • When promised
  • Reasonable price

Agile currently knows a growth in adoption, according to Kent, being embraced both by small and large companies, established industries and start-ups, government and private companies. The reason Agile has this influx of adopters is its synergy with business trends: Agile responds to business demands, accountability, responsibility, transparency, with practices which meet these demands. Agile development has techniques to estimate the man-hours needed to complete a project, it supports a solid relationship with customers by listening and responding to them, and it produces more reliable software. 

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