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InfoQ Homepage News Panel: BayAPLN Agile Expert Panel

Panel: BayAPLN Agile Expert Panel

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During QCon San Francisco 2008, InfoQ and BayAPLN, a local group of Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN), organized a panel comprised of Agile experts which answered questions from the audience. The panelists were: David Chilcott, Moderator, Polyanna Pixton, David Hussman, Sue Mckinney, Pat Reed.

Watch:  BayAPLN Agile Expert Panel (56 min.)

The members of the BayAPLN Agile Expert Panel were:

  • David Chilcott, Lead Agile Evangelist at Outformations, Co-founder of APLN. Moderator.
  • Polyanna Pixton, CIO at Swiss Stock Exchange, Trust based teams, VP of APLN.
  • David Hussman, DevJam
  • Sue Mckinney, Development Transformational Activities at IBM
  • Pat Reed, Senior Director at Gap Inc.

 The panelists answered the following questions coming from the audience:

  • What are the top challenges to the adoption of Agile at enterprise level and the most effective ways to resolve that problem?
  • How do we build trust?
  • What can we do related to the perception that Agile and design or user experience don’t mix well?
  • How do we quantify the financial benefit of an organization that wants to become agile?
  • Should Agile be presented differently in different countries/cultures?
  • What is the importance of coaching for Agile adoption and success?
  • Why are we gravitating towards simplicity?
  • How do you know how much to teach?
  • What if leadership doesn't realize they have an issue?
  • What about the tendency to stay within the Agile culture and increasing the awareness of the current culture?
  • What can we do if the team’s velocity is measured and they want to raise it ending up delivering low quality features?
  • Are iterations merely training wheels?
  • How do you see Agile in 2009? 

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