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Sun Opens Netscape Server Source

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Sun announced this week that they were releasing a version of the Sun Java System Web Server version 7 as open source software under a BSD license, through a posting in Jyri Virkki's blog.  The Java Web Server is the same server previously known as the Netscape Enterprise Server (NES), iPlanet Web Server, Sun ONE Web Server, and Sun Java System Web Server.  The Open Web Server version is from the current code base, but doesn't include some Sun administrative and modeling tools and some Java container support.

This is a production quality high-capacity web server with full support of common Web protocols and interfaces, and plugins to support common FOSS application server and J2EE components such as JBoss and Glassfish.  Now that it is available as open source, it should potentially compete with the Apache httpd server, especially for java and OpenSolaris installations.

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