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InfoQ Homepage News Eclipse PHP Development Toolset 2.0 released

Eclipse PHP Development Toolset 2.0 released

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The Eclipse Foundation has announced the immediate availability of PDT 2.0. This brings a major upgrade to the PHP Development Toolset, which allows developers to build and deploy PHP applications.

New in 2.0 are features designed to support object-oriented PHP programming, including a Type Hierarchy (similar to that found in the JDT) and type and method navigation. Speed of indexing has been improved thanks to the underlying Dynamic Language ToolKit, which has an overlapping community of committers with PDT, as well as more advanced code assist features based on PHP variable types.

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of Eclipse said:

PDT is one of our most popular downloads at Eclipse. Since the initial release it has been downloaded over 1 million times. Clearly, PDT adoption has been very successful in the Eclipse and PHP communities.
PDT has consistently been in the top two popular projects, according to the Eclipse Downloads page. As well as a large open-source community, PDT also forms the basis of the commercial Zend Studio, a rich internet application development IDE that can create PHP as well as JavaScript applications. (Zend provides a comparison, which lists the distinctions between the open-source PDT and the commercial Zend Studio.)

PDT 2.0 is based on Eclipse 3.4, and PDT 2.1 is planned to be part of the Galileo release train in June.

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