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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London 2 Months Away; Special Discounts by Jan 15th

QCon London 2 Months Away; Special Discounts by Jan 15th

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InfoQ's 3rd QCon London (March 11-13) is a couple of months away and will again feature 15 tracks, 100 speakers, and excellent learning and networking opportunities. The last chance to save £295 expires next week on January 15th.

QCon is a conference aimed at providing technical architects, team leads, and project management with deep technical content aimed at perfecting your software development craft. This means content that goes beyond buzzwords and fads and builds knowledge that will give you experience and perspective that will directly help you in your current and future projects. On that note, here are a few of the 16 interesting new tracks and sessions this year:

  • Historically Bad Ideas - Null References? Corba? J2EE? This track will feature technology directions that were once discussed almost like silver bullets but which later proved to be bad ideas or short-lived fads. Turning award winner Sir Tony Hoare will discuss his billion dollar Null Reference mistake.
  • Systems that never stop - How do you develop, test, update, maintain, and reason about systems without borders?
  • Democratic Political Technology Revolution - a keynote by Martin Fowler and Josh Henderson on the role of technology in modern politics.
  • Functional and Concurrent Programming - A series of examples of actual use of functional programming languages and actor/concurrent languages and discuss how it affects our way to comprehend distributed, asynchronous software systems.
  • Agile Organisational patterns - What's the optimal way of working together - Social aspects of software dev teams, organizational alignment, compensation,self-organization, decision making, vision.
  • Emerging languages in the enterprise - Presentations by Martin Fowler and others look at new languages and how they may be used in the enterprise.

In addition we have a 10 other tracks totallying over 80 speakers.

There is a deadline to register by January 15th to get in at the discounted price of £1,105 (a savings of £195), but you can save an additional £100 off if you register with promo code "100morejan15" by Jan 15th as well. Group discounts are also available, email for more information.  Many past QCon sessions are also online and browsable: at

Some of this year QCon's speakers include:

  • Tony Hoare - Inventor of Quicksort, Turing Award Winner
  • Joe Armstrong - Father of Erlang
  • Martin Fowler - Loud Mouth on Object Design
  • Steve Freeman - Agile Software Development Pioneer
  • Michael T. Nygard - Author of "Release IT"
  • Rod Johnson - Creator of Spring
  • Dion Hinchcliffe - Web 2.0 and Social Media Industry Expert
  • Eric Evans - Mr. Domain Driven Design
  • ...and many more

We hope to see you there!

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