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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Schema for Web Services – Part I: Basic Datatypes

Article: Schema for Web Services – Part I: Basic Datatypes

In the first of a series of articles addressing the problems that arise when XML Schema types are mapped to programming language constructs, web services expert Dennis Sosnoski starts at the most basic level, looking at simple data types and the problems they create.

As Dennis writes:

Most web service applications don't work with XML documents directly, instead going through a data binding conversion layer within a web service toolkit. This is convenient for application developers, since it means they can work directly with data structures in their programming language of choice. But the data binding step needs to deal with mismatches between schema data types and structures and programming language data types and structures, and these mismatches can create problems for applications.

He continues to look in detail at XML Schema numeric types, time-related values, and references. For each of these, he outlines the problems and offers some concrete advice on how to handle them.

Check out the complete article.

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