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InfoQ Homepage News Article: SOA Contract Maturity Model

Article: SOA Contract Maturity Model


In this article, Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi presents with enough detail Microsoft’s SOA Maturity Model (SOAMM) which can be used to evaluate the maturity of a SOA implementation.

Read: SOA Contract Maturity Model

SOAMM has four levels of increasing maturity:

  1. Basic
  2. Standardized
  3. Advanced
  4. Dynamic

Each level is evaluated considering the following 3 perspectives:

Service Implementation

This model perspective describes capabilities of an enterprise to implement efficient best practices, patterns in building and providing services. Achieving this capability strengthens and optimizes the design and development of enterprise business and system services.

Service Consumption

This model perspective describes capabilities of an enterprise to effectively adopt and promote use of services. This capability provides foundation for support and enhancement the consumption of enterprise services by others.

Service Administration

This model perspective describes capabilities of an enterprise to support the cross-organization governance and operational aspects of services.

Kjell-Sverre explains each maturity level, how one qualifies for it and what are the benefits. While most companies, 82% to be more precise, are at Basic level, there is no need to jump from start to the highest level in order to achieve results with SOA. One can start with the Basic level and gradually advance to the Dynamic one which provides the best results for a SOA investment.

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