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Sun Blogs System Architecture Whitepaper

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Charles Ditzel recently referenced a whitepaper posted by Sun Microsystems regarding the architecture of the Sun Blogs website, which is based on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0. The whitepaper, titled 'Sun Blogs: A Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Reference Deployment' (Sun Account login required), provides a description of the configuration of the hardware, server, and software:
This article presents an overview of the Sun Blogs site's usage statistics, systems architecture, and Web Server configuration. It also provides information about the system administrator's experience managing one of the busiest externally facing Web 2.0 site deployments at Sun.
All of the components of this infrastructure are detailed in the whitepaper, along with the server configuration for the Sun Java System Web Server being used. is powered by Sun Java™ System Web Server 7.0 Update 2 (hereafter, Web Server) running on a pair of Sun Fire™ T2000 servers with UltraSPARC® T2 processors. The site also uses a custom version of the open source blogging server Apache Roller Weblogger Version (, MySQL™ database server, and Memcached. The service is integrated with Sun's secure single sign-on identity system backed by a worldwide employee LDAP directory for authentication and authorization.
For more information on Sun Java System Web Server, visit the Sun Wiki. There are also a number of additional resources listed in the whitepaper.

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