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InfoQ Homepage News Interview with Brian Marick at Agile 2008

Interview with Brian Marick at Agile 2008

In this interview with Brian Marick at last year's Agile 2008 in Toronto he tells us all about micro-scale retro-futurist anarcho-syndicalism.  What IS micro-scale retro-futurist anarcho-syndicalism?  You don't know what it means?  That is the point, Marick states:

I made it a practice at times in my career to pick names that are so incomprehensible that nobody can possibly have any preconception as to what I am talking about so they will have to ask.

In this interview Marick shares with us his ideas on how to go back to Agile's roots and have people come of teams saying "this is the best project I've ever worked on" instead of we suck less.

He also goes back to what he thinks are mistakes in the Agile manifesto and tells us about his current plans to implement his ideas that, if successful, will take us back to the glory days of the original Agile movement.


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