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InfoQ Homepage News Oracle launches Rich Enterprise Application (REA) site

Oracle launches Rich Enterprise Application (REA) site

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For developers interested in building multi-channel-capable applications which are pre-integrated with enterprise technologies, Oracle has launched its Rich Enterprise Application (REA) site. There it features a set of Rich Client JSF Components which are part of its Application Development Framework (ADF).

Oracle ADF Faces Components is a set of Ajax-enabled JSF components for building richer user interfaces for Java EE applications. They feature:

  • Data visualization components
  • JSF 1.2 Support
  • Complete JavaScript API
  • Drag and Drop Framework
  • Dialog and Popup Framework
  • Navigation Menu Framework
  • Internationalization and Accessiblity support
  • Declarative Partial Page Rendering
  • Support for Skinning
  • Support for Page templates, reusable page regions, and declarative components
  • Integration with ADFc to support TaskFlows and bookmarking
  • Integration with ADFm to support data bindings.
  • Oracle ADF Security Support

For more information you can go through the step-by-step tutorials or check out JDeveloper 11g which comes ready with ADF Faces Rich Client support.

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