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Managing Amazon Services on the iPhone

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A number of companies have started to develop mobile applications for managing Amazon Web Services. The most popular device is iPhone and the main service considered is EC2.

Ylastic is an iPhone and Android application for managing Amazon Web Services. It can be used to manage S3, EC2, SimpleDB, CloudFront and SQS services. Some of the features supported are:

Amazon EC2

  • Support for EU region.
  • AMIs filtering and searching.
  • View, create and delete EBS volumes.
  • Launching AMIs.
  • Terminating and rebooting instances.
  • Allocate Elastic IP addresses.

Amazon S3

  • Create, view and delete buckets.
  • Edit bucket control lists.
  • Bucket statistics.
  • Copy files between buckets.

Ylastic allows to run SQL queries against a SimpleDB instance. It also monitors the health status of the services and alerts by sending messages via Jabber, Google Talk or Twitter. Ylastic has many other useful features.

A simpler application for iPhone is ElasticPod, allowing users to manage EC2. It can currently support creating, launching and terminating EC2 instances. There are plans to add Elastic IP management, EU regions, AMIs searching.

Yet another application is directEC2 by DirectThought’s. directEC2 is meant to manage EC2 instances from iPhone and iPod touch, and is built using the toolkit cTypica. The products is to be released this month under the Apache 2.0 License.

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