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Eclipse Riena 1.0 Released

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The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of Eclipse Riena 1.0, a platform for developing multi-tier rich client applications based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) and Equinox. Riena Core is an OSGi-based Remote Services Component for creating distributed client/server applications.

The 1.0 release of Riena delivers a set of components  which include:

  • Remote Services allows for the communication and coordination between OSGi-based components on a client and server, enabling truly distributed component deployment.
  • Riena User Interface and Navigation Components provide developers with the frameworks and building blocks that accelerate the development of the client user experience for business-centric applications.
  • Object Transaction allows developers to isolate the object level changes on a client application before communicating those changes to a server. This enables more efficient client/server communication and client rollback of changes.
  • Authentication and Authorization extend the Equinox Security model to allow for security in a distributed system.
  • Client Monitoring is a server component that tracks the status of each client in a distributed system.

For more information on Riena you can check out a previous InfoQ article, visit the “Getting Started Guide” or read the series of articles by Elias Volanakis. Also the Riena wiki outlines the basic principles behind it.

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