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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Gallio, a .NET Testing Automation Platform

Presentation: Gallio, a .NET Testing Automation Platform


In this presentation recorded at QCon SF 2008, Jeff Brown presents Gallio, a test automation platform, and MbUnit, a test automation framework for .NET. He shows how a test framework works on Gallio and talks about the difficulties faced when building such a platform.

Watch: Gallio, a .NET Testing Automation Platform (1h)

Gallio is a neutral test automation platform for .NET. It is open sourced being licensed under Apache License. Gallio is meant to be the foundation for other .NET testing tools which can take advantage of its object model, runtime services and connectivity support with other tools.

Gallio, currently at version 3.0.6 Update 1, supports the following frameworks, runners and tools:

  • Frameworks: CSUnit, MbUnit v2, MbUnit v3, MSTest, NBehave, NUnit,
  • Runners: GUI (Icarus), Command-line (Echo), TestDriven.Net, ReSharper, Visual Studio Test Tools, MSBuild, NAnt, PowerShell.
  • Other: CruiseControl.Net, TeamCity, TypeMock, NCover, Pex, AutoCAD

Brown also presents MbUnit which is a test automation framework and performs a demo demonstrating how MbUnit works on Gallio. After the demo, Brown explains what it takes to create a test platform, the challenges to be faced and some of Gallio’s internals.

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